Project Odyssey
Project Odyssey
Trip to Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park in Idaho

Trip to Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park in Idaho


About Project Odyssey Travel

I’m Morgan (the one always with the paper and pen), and my husband is Russell (he’s the one always buried behind the lens). We’re a couple that travels to break-up the monotony of the daily grind - to keep our sanity. We like to travel far and wide, but also near and dear, to try and find all of the small idiosyncrasies that people sometimes overlook when going somewhere new.


We’re liable to be found wandering dark, moose-filled forests late at night, our sights and camera pointed high in hopes of catching something the rest of the world might have missed tucked away in warm places. Or you might spot us lost in the pre-moonrise blackness of Arches National Park, after hoping to snag some tourist-free privacy on an aptly named “primitive trail”.


It’s not that we intentionally embark on the road-less-traveled, but simply that our curiosities tend to take us there. We’re homebodies with a love for the outdoors and unknown.


So why write a blog? Because there’s nowhere better-suited for our collective brain-dumping - our artistic decompressing if you will - than a platform designed to be shared with other people. We want to inspire people to get out, to open their eyes and really see the beauty around you (not just those generic sites listed in a guide or brochure).


We challenge you to push boundaries and go beyond borders with us; to return to simplicity and enjoy a waterfall hike or lakeside ride. We hope that in sharing our perspective in the ordinary and unusual, you’ll want to grab someone you love and get outside, too.

So a big “Welcome!” from Russell and me (and our mini dachshund Pippin, he’s always down for adventure!) as we set out on our Project Odyssey, our deliberate excuse to get away.


All of the pictures presented on our site are taken by Russell. You can find these pictures as well as the rest of his portfolio on flickr.


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