Why do we travel? Why do we write?

They’re questions that seem to go without answer for me; like why do you eat? Why do you love?


I’ve always been a wanderer, a latchkey kid happier exploring nearby hills and climbing trees than I ever was at home alone in front of a glowing TV night after night. There was simply too much to discover out in the world to want to stay put, too many new lessons to learn.


I travel for the escape as much as I travel to feel at home. There’s something comforting in the unknown for me - wide-open skies and empty roads are as soothing to me as a big hug. I write for the same reason; because it affords me a chance to get away - from the world, myself - I just feel natural with a pen and notebook in hand.


When Russell and I met we were fresh out of college (I hadn’t even graduated yet, actually), and it quickly became apparent that I had met someone that matched my same kind of life energy. A fellow homebody with an insatiable need for intermittent adventure; another curious mind that needed to know what was just on the other side of the uncharted.


We began taking camping trips with us and our group of friends, and soon got used to just the two of us when state borders and adulthood created rifts in previous bonds. We planned frequent weekend getaways and daydreamed about international travels we knew we’d one day take, just so we could catch a small break in our daily routine. We worked inside of strict budgets and quickly learned that it was the beauty of the outdoors that we preferred anyway, and that sometimes the journey was just as important as the destination.


Couple travel is an interesting thing; it tests the limits that two people have with each other and teaches you how to work through difficult times and find the humor in ridiculous situations. It teaches you about one another in a way that simply spending time together doesn’t seem to do. You just can’t help but grow as a person when you venture to new places, and with someone that you love by your side, the outcome is only amplified.


Russ and I will have been together five years in April. That’s five years of mishaps and near misses, and five years of absolute bliss sharing this wonderful world together. We’ve got stories to tell and memories to make - and we hope you’ll be there with us for the whole wild ride.